AFD contract furniture Inc


For true office furniture innovation, we need to understand the new role of the workplace, so that innovative office design can actually work for the people who work there. Adapting the design of the workplace to reflect the changes in internet and mobile technology is important. Innovative office furniture needs to align with emerging technology, the economy, and today’s office culture.

The real reason to go to the office is for people to connect with each other, whether the work is collaborative or individual. As workers become more mobile and innovative office design more flexible, a seamless integration of technology tools are fundamental. So the right tools need to be provided for office furniture innovation to work and for employees to work wherever and whenever they need to.

The vast majority of offices in the U.S. today are open-plan workspaces. So how are employees productive in an office where everyone can see and hear each other? A lot of this has to do with innovative office design. It’s all about keeping employees comfortable and productive.

AFD works with clients to develop innovative office design that enhances functionality, sustainability and efficiency by creating synergies between systems and spaces. Office furniture innovation starts with a coordinated approach and a balance between the technology of tomorrow and the time-tested innovative office design solutions of today.