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Workplace Design

The office furniture layout that meets today’s needs is one that enables office productivity with both flexibility and agility. Employees no longer sit at one desk all day long. Workplace design solutions need to consider that people email, text, and communicate from wherever they happen to be. Co-workers want the ability to move from collaborative hubs to quiet spaces for more focused concentration. They need alternative workplace design to balance open floor plans with office furniture layouts that include booths for private conversations and smaller conference calls to help elevate office productivity.

Promoting collaboration, creativity, and office productivity in the modern work environment calls for workplace design solutions with a range of functional spaces. The latest workplace design strategies focus on maximizing human potential with fluid office productivity. Ergonomic design from manufacturers like Steelcase and Kimball Office, help to elevate comfort and wellness, which translates to increased office productivity. AFD has taken a leadership role in workplace design to help the corporate world move from the traditional office to a more agile office furniture layout.