Thread Steelcase at AFD Contract Furniture NYSteelcase has launched a brand new product that should radically affect the office furniture world and more specifically, technology.  It is called Thread.  Thread™ empowers connections by transforming any carpeted floor into a power source. It is a simple power distribution system designed to provide electrical power to the devices we use in the workplace and classroom.

As technology brings new computing and communications devices to the workplace and classroom, the more important it is to get power to these devices. Without having to lay new floors, raised floors or radically rewiring office spaces, Thread™ by Steelcase, is a product with a radically new approach to distributing electrical power to your devices.

We use mobile computing devices every day.  Our devices allow us to be more mobile than ever before, profoundly impacting the places where we work and learn. A recent survey of office workers reported that 73% of people used three or more devices throughout their day to get work done. Similarly, 73% of students now report that they cannot study without the help of technology.

People need technology. Technology needs power. While devices continue to become more powerful and more integral to our everyday activities, access to power remains fleeting. We often find ourselves searching for electrical power sources. Without  convenient and strategically placed power sources, we sacrifice mobility, comfort, ergonomics, choice and control.   

We need more power, but often the options can be very expensive and require extensive changes to office power distribution architecture. Core drilling and trenching of existing flooring is very expensive, and invasive. Raised-floor isn’t possible in all spaces, especially traditional classrooms… That is why Thread was developed. 

Power isn’t about electricity, it’s about connections. Thread connects people to their devices, to their information, to other people. Thread Office Electrical Power Distribution for Mobile Devices at AFD Contract Furniture, NYCoptimizes real estate by turning dead space into active space.  Thread is simple, installation is quick, and it is easy to reconfigure with minimal impact to architecture.  Thread is ADA compliant, affordable and can retrofit spaces and Thread  can be used everywhere.

Finally, power made simple with Steelcase Thread™, an ultra-thin power distribution system designed to provide power.
  • Its ultra thin design lays nicely underneath the carpet.
  • At a height of just 3/16″, Thread’s power track seamlessly integrates into a space, providing power to furniture and users, without impacting foot traffic.
  • Thread™ easily brings power to freestanding collaborative settings, allowing power accessibility in the open plan like never before.

Contact AFD Inc., for more information on this device and the entire line of Steelcase products. Let us find creative solutions to your ever changing office technology challenges.
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