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Sitting Can Be More Detrimental to Your Health Than Smoking?

“Sitting is the new smoking.” Dr. James Levine of the Mayo Clinic, who is credited with coining this now too common phrase, thinks that is may even be worse than smoking. Levine is one of many who are researching this new discipline called inactivity physiology with data showing that sitting is not only bad for us but lethal. Levine’s research started in 1999 with his initial question of “why do some people consume the same amount of food as others, yet gain weight?” In his study he gave each person 1000 more calories than they would need to maintain their current body weight. By the end of the study, some packed on the weight while others didn’t gain a pound. The research showed that the participants that gained the weight sat for an average of 2.5 hours longer a day. Levine has continued his research and has published books such as Move a Little, Lose a Lot and Get Up! These books chronicle his scientific research that suggests our chairs are killing us.

According to The New York Times, conventional wisdom is that if you watch your diet and get aerobic exercise at least a few times a week you’ll effectively offset your sedentary time. However, a growing body of inactivity research suggests that this advice makes scarcely more sense than the notion that you could counter a pack-a-day smoking habit by jogging. Hence-Sitting is the New Smoking!

For most of us, when we are awake, we are sitting. We commute to work, sit at a desk, commute home and then sit on the couch. This adds up to over 9 hours of sitting a day and over a lifetime the unhealthy effects of sitting add up. The best way counter act the effects of sitting are by standing whenever you can. Just by simply standing you are engaging your muscles and promoting blood flow throughout your body, pumping blood and oxygen to your heart, promoting good circulation and preventing blood clots in your legs. Even better, the muscle activity needed for standing and other movement seems to trigger important processes related to the breakdown of fats and sugars within the body, according to Dr. Levine.

AFD’s design team has come up with a number of ways to incorporate sit-to-stand in any office. Whether it is retrofitting an existing desk or cubical with Humanscale’s Quickstand or adding a height adjustable base to an entire workstation we have a solution that can work for you. Other solutions include height adjustable benching, conferencing and even private office. If your company is looking for a fully progressive solution, I suggest you look at  (treadmill desk) that was designed by Dr. Levine. It’s time to stand up and get healthy!
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