Office Furniture Asset Management & Disposition

Whether you plan on relocating and reinstalling furniture in your current configuration or migrating it into newly developed standards, AFD helps make the reuse as cost effective as possible. Our asset management tool, Snap Tracker™, allows us to capture precise inventory information to maximize the reuse of existing assets and minimize new furniture purchases, ultimately leading to lower costs for our customers. A key area of office furniture asset management for AFD is arranging disposition of products that are not viable for reuse through brokerage, donation, or disposal with environmentally sound methodology.

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The range of AFD services in office furniture asset management can be strategically designed for office furniture warehousing, office furniture repair or refurbishment, or office furniture disposal of unneeded inventory to maximize your returns. We begin with assessments to review current office furniture asset management practices and develop a business case to support process improvements and cost saving recommendations. Then we develop furniture and workspace standards. Depending on the need, we’ll either arrange for office furniture repair or help broker office furniture disposal. Detailed reports are customized and provided to completely meet each of our client’s unique needs related to office furniture asset management.

Our customers are able to have real-time inventory visibility enabling stored inventory to be efficiently used and reused. The real-time view of office furniture warehousing, office furniture repair, and office furniture disposal can then make profitable decisions about inactive inventory to reduce total cost of ownership and see significant savings.


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