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Providing Healthcare Facilities Furniture to Create a  “Home Away from Home” Environment.

Healthcare Facilities of today are finding that when they convert traditionally plain, clinical interiors into more functional, aesthetic and positive spaces, they can improve patient satisfaction, facilitate healing, enhance visitor comfort and even increase employee productivity.

Many healthcare facilities today are being shaped by office furniture design advances enabling organizations to improve care quality while delivering an overall patient experience.

Some areas of focus are patient comfort, personalized rooms and bariatric care.  More healthcare facilities have incorporated furniture collections, which includes matching wardrobes, bedside cabinets and headwalls, keeping a consistent look similar to a typical bedroom design.  This allows the patient the positive association of being at home, in their hospital room.

Facilities are finding patient room furniture come in a variety of styles that cater to hospital aesthetics and patient demographics , while encompassing residential intricacies that put patients more at ease.  This is accomplished through artwork, variety of color palettes and finishes, textures and natural light.

Additionally, lounges, café areas within lobbies and hallways can make a facility more inviting, user-friendly, and convenient to visitors.  Areas are more inviting and relaxing for visitors that need to check their mobile phones and other electronic devices, relax with a cup of coffee and overall, feel more like at home, without the inconvenience of having to leave family and friends being treated.

Healthcare facility furniture by AFD - feels more like homePersonalized rooms are becoming a trend as well with facilities increasingly attempting to personalize patient rooms with personalized signage, including patient’s name, physician/ nurse names along with family photos, news and more.  This gives the patient a higher sense of comfort while lowering their stress and anxiety levels.

Implementing furniture and design solutions that accommodate the needs of bariatric patient is also growing in importance.  The need for bariatric furniture in waiting areas and patient rooms is on the rise. Bariatric furniture such as recliners, guest chairs and beds designed for more comfort, safety and mobility over the last few years has increased the effectiveness of healthcare professionals’ interaction with their patients.

With the above trends in mind, healthcare facilities can apply furniture and design to provide patients and other users with a more comfortable, positive experience, one that supports the primary goal of improving well-being.

AFD has extensive experience in planning office furniture for healthcare facilities to transform clinical environments into warm, welcoming spaces. We represent many manufacturers that produce office furniture for healthcare with home-like design options and fabrics refined to meet the specialized needs of medical offices, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and rehabilitation facilities.

Healthcare organizations know the importance of creating inviting environments for patients and families with comforting medical office furnishings. Call or email us today and let one of our healthcare office furniture design specialists assist to create a efficient and welcoming and healing office environments.
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