Office Furniture for Law Firms with an Eye Towards Innovation



Maximizing office efficiency with an eye towards innovation

Law firms must maintain exceptional adaptability to remain competitive.  Creative measures have become mainstays in optimizing firm efficiency, versatility and cost management across the board.

AFD Contract Furniture has guided numerous law firm clients in maximizing their office space without abandoning prestige or attractive design.

Accommodating the Needs of Today’s Law Firm Spaces

Firms seeking to optimize smaller floor plates, fewer floors or postpone an expansion have more choices than ever before. With emerging trends guiding businesses to embrace open office grids, law firms stand to gain an advantage by following suit.

Granting all associates individual offices and investing in large, bulky pieces of furniture is no longer practical. Associates more frequently share spaces with one another or occupy smaller offices than in years past. Visiting attorneys are often offered work stations or touch-down areas instead of private offices.

Office Space Technology Considerations for Optimizing Space

New technological innovations require furniture and configurations that provide greater versatility. Smart investments include choosing products that can serve a variety of purposes-from housing books and files to providing access for wires, chargers, zip drives and built-in outlets.

An honest evaluation of each firm’s technological requirements is an integral part of the puzzle. Technology keeps getting smaller and the trends dictate that desks and offices should follow suit. Increasingly, firms are embracing paperless offices and wondering what to do with desks built to accommodate PC towers. Printing stations are replacing individual office printers which greatly reduces the amount of office supplies stored by each associate.

Investing in office furniture with an eye towards the future is more cost-effective over time. The goal should be to accommodate what you are working with now and what will seem vital after a wave or two of innovation.

Functionality and Design In Office Space Design

Trends in Conference Areas

When it comes to impressing clients while maintaining the need to accommodate large in-house meetings, versatility is again the key. Investing in office furniture that can be moved around easily will expand the ability to transition conference spaces to accommodate different projects and groups.

Focusing on office design and comfort in conference spaces is important for helping firms welcome clients into an environment that suggests collaboration, competence and results. Taking advantage of modern design trends will allow for consistent aesthetic integrity alongside functionality.

Firms should weigh the benefits of built-in flat screen technology to accommodate video conferencing, as this has significant potential to reduce costs over time. By having conference spaces that are cross-functional, firms can decrease the amount of set-up time needed between meetings and the expense of having a large staff on-call to constantly set-up and break-down presentation equipment.

A Trusted Partner in Office Furniture Design With an Eye Towards the Future

Intelligent office design and wisely selected office furniture can increase office efficiency, maximize space versatility and help manage short and long term costs. Expert advice during the planning stage can eliminate the risks, streamline the process and avoid expensive future overhauls.

AFD guides firms towards office furniture products that will facilitate easy transitions into newer generations of technology without breaking the bank. We work with clients to create spaces that highlight signature pieces and ensure high traffic areas are attractive and functional for the ever-evolving law firm space. Our in-house experts provide expertise which can save your firm significant time and money with office furniture solutions that maximize productivity, functionality and functional longevity. Call us to speak to an expert.

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