Office Furniture Sustainability. Our Workplace Responsibility.

As one of the nation’s largest furniture management companies, AFD is proud to support our industry’s movement toward more sustainable and environmentally responsible workspace design products. We recognize the importance of balancing the current demands of the corporate workplace with the conservation of our natural resources and the welfare of our future generations. AFD LEED Accredited, on-staff Project Managers represent a commitment to helping our customers blend the needs of business profitability, workers’ health, and protection of our planet with office furniture sustainability.

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AFD embraces the responsibility to preserve natural resources and protect people and the environment through sustainable office solutions. Office furniture sustainability and LEED goals continue to drive office design and workspace needs. Our extensive range of manufacturers has implemented sustainable office furniture practices into office design and day-to-day processes. This office furniture sustainability is in alignment with environmental regulations and meets requirements of voluntary programs as well.

Protection of the environment with sustainable office solutions is a primary initiative for AFD. In support of a green environment, we work with suppliers whose manufacturing methods emphasize recycling, waste minimization, pollution prevention and the use of non-hazardous materials. We help our corporate clients conduct business in a safe and responsible manner, locally and globally, with increasing office furniture sustainability.

AFD continually recognizes a responsibility for office furniture sustainability as well as the social and economic systems that impact sustainable office furniture solutions. Our suppliers have committed resources to fulfill the objective of office furniture sustainability.


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