Hospitals make it their goal to help patients and the community be well in body, mind and spirit. Recently, many healthcare customers have been considering open plan office spaces.  This can be a dramatic transition with hundreds of new coworkers creating unique challenges – the synchronization of new vs. familiar, and the delicate balance of promoting collaboration without hindering privacy.

Kimball Office Furniture’s research has shown that a main goal in most cases, is to create a worry free move for employees into these new work spaces. As uncertainty can cause more stress, it is important to keep employees informed by recording video updates throughout the construction process and explaining progress along the way. This research also showed customers formed employee user groups to test out potential furniture, giving them insight of employee’s opinions.
To promote health and wellness within their environment, hospitals look to partner with furniture manufacturers and dealers that will allow their employees to alternate between sitting and standing, as well as a partnership that would last long after the project was complete. They also consider options based off of budget, timeline, and the favorite pick of a focus group. Based on employee feedback and conversations, the customer is able to design the best workstation for their workplace. To encourage the option for employees to stand, Priority height adjustable desks from Kimball are a great solution.
It is also quite common for hospital employees from different branches to stop in at other locations and they need a place to work for the day, or even the week. Kimball Healthcare Solutions can help provide a space for visitors to feel like home.

One of Kimball’s unique solution for healthcare firms is Xsite, which has the ability to transform a workstation into a benching option. They also use huddle stations and touchdown stations to give 1140-x-640-Room-4employees as well as visitors the flexibility to create a space that can work best for their individual needs, all while effortlessly transforming to areas of collaboration where need be. Technology access and special presentation capabilities have become available through Kimball’s Teem media settings paired with Flip chairs, and Dock tables with Bingo stools created sleek, productive spaces for huddle rooms. Kimball’s Villa seating and Bloom tables and chairs can help to created a gathering place for employees, encouraging impromptu meetings.  

Kimball is a great solution for all of your healthcare furniture needs. AFD Contract Furniture is your full service Healthcare Office Furniture expert. From Design to life-cycle management, financing and logistics, AFD Office furniture is uniquely  positioned with knowledge, experience and resources to partner in making your healthcare project smooth and efficient. Call us today and speak to a healthcare office furniture expert.
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