Kimball Office, NeoCon, 2015

Lots of new products have been launched this year and made their debut a Neocon in Chicago. Kimball Office has introduced a dozen new product collections, an array of existing product line enhancements, as well as new concepts that all will help lead the company into the furniture.

NeoCon is North America’s largest design exposition and conference for commercial interiors and is held annually at the Chicago Merchandise Mart.  This year Kimball saw record attendance at their showroom during NeoCon.


The theme for the Kimball Office Chicago showroom this year was “The City is Your Office”, connecting typologies, as well as showcasing the versatility of the company’s vast portfolio of product, to the brand’s inherent ability to provide solutions for any work environment.

Designers, clients, and customers were taken on a journey that showcased Kimball’s showroom as a city-scape that used typologies to create a layered, immersive, graphic environment that blends work with play, art with education, and urban with office.

What used to be a straightforward exercise in planning now encompasses aspects of sociology, urban planning, fine art, architecture, and psychology. New technologies are disrupting traditional ways of interacting, and the walls of the workplace are coming down as a result. To truly work your way, Kimball Office continues to develop inspiring products that allow for limitless collaboration, personalization and connectivity, meeting the needs of this ever changing work environment.

Below are some of the newly launched products from Kimball at Neocon 2015 that will help lead them into the future of the office furniture world.

Teem by Kimball Office.  Made for the places people gather, Teem keeps people connected to their technology and each Teem-By-Kimball-Officeother.  Both sides of the wall can be equipped with monitors or marker boards, and your choice of table base and top make the space even more functional.

Canopy by Kimball Office.  Conceived by Primo Orpilla of Studio O+A and developed with the design team at Kimball Canopy-by-Kimball-OfficeOffice, Canopy moves beyond conventional open plan benching to give each user a versatile work tool that changes according to the needs of the moment. While this product will fit into any open plan, it may be modified to give the user more acoustical and visual privacy as needed. And Canopy’s height adjustment capability—a discreet mechanism that allows the user to raise or lower the desk without  disturbing colleagues—is both a social and an ergonomic advance.

Pairings by Kimball Office.  The Pairings collection delivers essential elements to support conversation and collaborative Pairings-by-Kimball-Officework across a variety of work applications. From corporate offices to higher education facilities to hospitality destinations, this product line of seating, tables, and surfaces creates adaptable lounge-based work settings that can play host to both teams and technology in comfort and style.

Splendor by Kimball Office.  With a shape that is equally expressive and welcoming, the Italian-designed (Marco Maran) Splender-by-Kimball-OfficeSplendor combines the comfort of a warm embrace with a versatility suitable for any environment.  Its captivating silhouette, subtle details and gentle curves are designed to provide comfort as well as a freedom of movement that truly increases its functionality and adaptability.

Theo by Kimball Office.  Aesthetically pleasing and crafted for elegance and versatility, Theo thrives in a wide variety of Theo-by-Kimball-Officeenvironments. From the lounge to the lobby to private offices and conference spaces, this seating line offers a refined, shell-shaped and warm wood veneer that is tailored to provide long lasting comfort.

Kore by Kimball Office.  Kore addresses a variety of needs and offers choices. As it is based on simple yet timeless aesthetics Kore-by-Kimball-Officeit blends easily into different scenarios. Simplicity as a starting point combined human needs are at its very core.

Have questions or would like to see some the exciting new office furniture products from Kimball Office, give us a call and let use preview these new designs and show you the improvements to existing products that were showcased at NeoCon, Chicago, 2015
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