Improve your Brain, Body, & Building using Brody by Steelcase

Collaborative environments are great for teamwork but often filled with too much stimulation for focused work.  We get distracted every 11 minutes and it takes us over 23 minutes to get back on task.  Multitasking is switching attention rapidly between tasks. Expecting to work in a focused productive state while constantly encountering distractions is not realistic because the brain can not effectively process that much simultaneous stimulation efficiently.

Steelcase Office Furniture at AFD Contract Furniture Brody lineOffice space distractions are a source of an on-going complaints from Facilities Managers trying to maximize worker productivity. Steelcase Office Furniture has designed and launched a solution to address the issue; making the office environment more conducive to distraction free work spaces.

The need for privacy and focus is a common struggle in the workplace – “The Steelcase Brody Line” is here to give people a place where they can overcome distractions and focus on getting really challenging work done.”

Organizations want to recruit creative and innovative thinkers and a comfortable work environment is key to employees being able to focus. One solution is lounge seating – people like to get comfortable for focused work, comfort is key for being able to concentrate for  lengthier periods of time on a difficult assignments.

 Brody gives your body High-Performance Comfort and Support with:

  • Live Lumbar technology for back support that eliminates lower back gap
  • Adjustable work surface that holds technology at eye level, reducing neck strain
  • Adaptive Bolstering in the seat cushion that adapts to each user’s size for max comfort
  • Footrest that provides additional support to help maintain comfortable reclined postures and it fits under the seat when not in use.

Benefits of the Brody Line, from Steelcase Office FurnitureBrody Line Steelcase Office Furniture At AFD Office Furniture

  • Affordable- Less expensive than built rooms and doesn’t require additional infrastructure
  • Size – Small only 21 square feet
  • Easy to use
  • Short – lets natural light into space
  • Integrated Power
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