Furniture in Healthcare Facilities – Focus on Patient and Family Comfort

The Healthcare industry has seen a lot of change in the past few years, especially how the patient and patients family are treated within a hospital or patient center.  Waiting spaces are totally transforming into spa like environment-a drastic change from the previous design where they were poorly lit, housed uncomfortable furniture and were very depressing. Hospitals across the country are trying to change this and they goals are to relieve tension first and foremost.  Patients most often are filled with stress and tension when coming to a Hospital.  They are more often than not anticipating bad news, so they are filled with tension.  The hospitals are trying to reduce the tension by trying to humanize the experience.  Trying to make to make it more personal, which will hopefully lead to a reduction in stress and help promote more positive and optimistic emotions.  This can help lead to better overall health.  

Another important area is trying to empower the patient with information so they can make good choices. By asking the stakeholders to support the development of relationships, it can help lead to better outcomes.  So through patient surveys, hospitals have learned what can help make the patient more comfortable and less intimidated.
Hospitals also want their Doctors and support staff to feel more comfortable in the workplace as well, so by investing in new products that they sit and work in, they are hoping to see more productivity and a happier, healthier workforce.

Finally, Hospitals are trying to invite family in, instead of keeping them out or restricted as seen in the past, but in a comfortable, technology filled environment.  Change is coming and it is for the better.  You will see this when going to any new facility across the country.  

A few new Healthcare products have hit the scene recently in the office furniture which will help this approach – below is from Kimball Office
Villa Health Sleep Sofa

Villa Health Sleep Sofa

The Villa Health Sleep Sofa is the perfect sleepover solution for family and guests during a hospital stay. Its spring seat delivers superior comfort while a folding back cushion provides an antimicrobial sleep surface and optional drawers allow ample storage for overnight stays.

The digital brochure for the Villa Health Sleep Sofa is currently available on-line click here and the printed version will be available in 2-3 weeks. Order acceptance is Oct. 5 with an 8-10 week lead time.

Kimball Health Exam Stool

Kimball Health Exam Stool

A classic stool for physicians and caregivers provides height adjustability, mobility and comfort in exam and treatment areas. The Exam Stool is available to order with a 3-4 week lead-time.

The full line of Kimball Healthcare furniture is available at AFD Contract Furniture. Contact one of our healthcare specialists today to make an appointment to find out more.

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