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Educational Furniture

Steelcase Series 7

Technology has impacted every area of our daily lives including how we educate our children.

The proliferation of computers and smart devices such as tablets, allow us to communicate everything from a food order to be delivered to a local restaurant to impacting how lessons are delivered in an educational setting.

To keep pace with the new modes of delivery for educational courses and lessons, furniture designers have had to rethink the best ways to adapt to accommodate these technologies into furniture design.  Furniture design is evolving from the chair and a desk with a flip top into work stations that integrate new technologies effectively.

Designers for classroom furniture strive to create a workspace that is comfortable but also provides functionality such as: ergonomic placement of everything including recessed drink holders to prevent spillage; a place to hang a backpack; and connectivity ports in the right places. As technology changes, so must the furniture we use to accommodate the new ways we learn and communicate.

Many educational institutions are now adopting a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, where students can use their own electronic computing and communications devices. Aside from the obvious financial/budgetary benefits, BYOD- policies also foster real and lasting pedagogical benefits that can revolutionize learning in our schools. In fact, recent studies and anecdotal evidence are pointing toward increased student engagement (and parent approval) when the kids are allowed to use their own devices for learning.

Combining the “BYOD” approach and furniture from Steelcase Manufacturing throughout the classrooms enables schools to not only
Steelcase Node Chair

Steelcase Node Chair

differentiate themselves by introducing flexible configurations of desks and seating options, but even visual stimulation and natural light are shown to increase both student performance and teacher retention. Expert construction means furniture that lasts, improves student performance, higher teacher retention, and fewer replacements costs. Good design is a smart investment that benefits the next generation.

A simplistic design, such as height adjustable tables, is something that are now being widely accepted, not only in the corporate world, but also in the education space. A great solution for this type of need in education is the “Steelcase Series 7” combined with the “Steelcase Node Chair.

AFD Contract Furniture offers a large selection of furniture solutions that enhance educational environments and allow students to take full advantage of today’s technology. 

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