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AFD was established in 1980 as an innovative, national office furniture dealer and furniture management company. Through the years, we have invested significant resources into developing new technology and programs that help customers find better ways to plan, procure, and manage furniture. Concentrated efforts to cultivate long-term vendor and client relationships have been instrumental in evolving a strong global presence for AFD. Our continued growth is enabled by the ability to adapt to the latest market trends, as we serve our clients with new options for Alternative Workplace Design Solutions.

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Since being founded in 1980 by Sam and Richard Aarons (father and son), AFD has become one of the fastest growing office furniture management dealers in the industry. Our successful furniture company history is the result of a commitment to meeting the needs of our customers by providing quality and excellence in office furniture management. This continued commitment to our clients is where our furniture company history meets the present day office furniture management needs.Our CEO, Richard Aarons, grew up in the office furniture management industry and benefited from years of valuable experience that were brought to AFD by father, Sam Aarons. With his furniture company history, Richard was able to learn the ins and outs of office furniture management long before heading up AFD. The industry knowledge gained from growing up in this family business has propelled the continued growth of this leading, furniture management company.

AFD has been enhancing workplace environments for over 35 years. With locations in New York, New Jersey, California, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and Panama, we continue to expand our office furniture management footprint. AFD has been instrumental in the development of millions of square feet of office space for some of the nation’s largest corporations. We remain committed to providing the highest level of office furniture management expertise.


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